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Managing employee wellness is a critical component of a long-term strategy aimed at reducing health cost increases and increasing employee productivity, rather than simply shifting costs in the short term. The first steps in developing a wellness strategy involve a baseline understanding of the current situation. DBR Group reviews historical data to compare our client’s utilization with benchmark data to identify opportunities for improvement and also identify whether employees are ready to embrace behavioral change.  We also review employee demographics and turnover data to assess the potential return on investment for costs associated with employee wellness programs.

If an organization makes the decision to move forward with a wellness strategy, we typically perform the following services:

  • Assist clients with formation of wellness committee and participation at meetings
  • Develop short and long term goals of wellness program
  • Develop operating plan and timeline for wellness program
  • Evaluate medical carrier vs. carve-out wellness vendor to administer program
  • Develop employee communications strategy
  • Determine wellness incentives and evolution of incentive program over time
  • Oversee wellness vendor services, including negotiation and ongoing vendor management

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Employer-provided benefits programs are much more than just insurance plans. With the increasingly complicated compliance landscape and dynamics of federal health care reform intersecting with changes in how employers and employees engage with each other, leading employers need to provide meaningful and cost effective programs that align with organizational objectives.

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