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DBR Group recognizes the importance of competitive bidding, renewal negotiation, and ongoing carrier management to ensure that our clients are able to get the most out of their employee benefits budget.

Competitive bidding is a key component in plan and benefit management. Periodic bidding of benefit programs not only ensures the most competitive pricing, it also encourages vendors to provide cutting edge services and products to our clients. As part of the competitive bidding process, we work with our clients to determine their priorities and customize the request for proposal and carrier evaluation criteria accordingly. Throughout the competitive bidding process we collect and analyze carrier proposals, meet with our clients to review results and discuss strategy, conduct finalist interviews, and oversee implementation and employee communications.

With our expertise in group benefit underwriting and actuarial analysis, we have developed a multi-step process to analyze medical plan renewals based on a deep understanding of each client’s cost drivers and each vendor’s rating methodology and administrative cost structure. Due to changes in carrier risk-based contracts and the addition of costs associated with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the renewal negotiation process requires a deep understanding of provider contracts, marketplace dynamics, and future cost expectations.

As part of ongoing carrier management, DBR Group meets with benefit and administration carriers on a regular basis to ensure that our knowledge of plan offerings and services is current. We also encourage our clients to have periodic meetings with benefit vendors to discuss open issues, review cost and utilization reports, and discuss potential process improvements.

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Employer-provided benefits programs are much more than just insurance plans. With the increasingly complicated compliance landscape and dynamics of federal health care reform intersecting with changes in how employers and employees engage with each other, leading employers need to provide meaningful and cost effective programs that align with organizational objectives.

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