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At DBR Group, we work closely with our clients to develop targeted short and long term strategic plans based on each organization’s workforce, organizational objectives, and financial constraints. We begin this process by developing a clear understanding of each client’s benefit cost drivers through a detailed analysis of cost, benefit utilization and demographic data. This analysis, coupled with the organizational objectives and goals, is the basis for strategy development. Understanding each organization’s cost drivers is the key to developing a comprehensive long term strategy that focuses on cost avoidance and reducing future cost increases rather than simply shifting costs.

Although short and long term strategies vary significantly from one client to the next, they often include the following components:

  • Employee demographic analysis
  • Cost and utilization driver analysis by benefit plan
  • Comparison of plan design and utilization data to benchmark data
  • Role of wellness and consumerism in short and long term strategy
  • Alternative funding methodologies
  • Sensitivity analysis for alternative plan designs
  • Employee contribution analysis and development, including the effect of employer shared responsibility requirements under the Patient Protection and Affordability Care Act
  • Evaluation of carve-out vendors for specialty services such as pharmacy benefit management or wellness

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Employer-provided benefits programs are much more than just insurance plans. With the increasingly complicated compliance landscape and dynamics of federal health care reform intersecting with changes in how employers and employees engage with each other, leading employers need to provide meaningful and cost effective programs that align with organizational objectives.

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